The course rotation this year is:

Friday ScrambleMay 15thNorman at PGA West
Saturday FourballMay 16thNicklaus Tournament at PGA West
Sunday SinglesMay 17thDunes at La Quinta Resort and Club

Feel free to click the Course Links above for more information about the course. Friday times and pairings will be determined closer to the event date.  Saturday and Sunday are 7:30 AM shot gun starts.

Event News 

Participant dues are $80 this year.  Spouses/guests are $25 per head, which includes use of the main suite/pool/drinks & snacks at suite/Fri and Sat dinners.  

Our hospitality host, Josh Muscat, will be around to keep the main suite doors open and drinks/snacks/food stocked. This will allow each of us to concentrate more on our golf games and less on “Where are the plastic bags?”    Respect his authority if you intend to return next year!   

EVERYONE will be paying with a credit card at check-in for their room and golf.  There is some rounding in the rates below.  The golf package is $90 per player per night and has been included in the below rates.  

Double golfer rooms: $430 per night (that’s $215 per golfer), so multiply this by your number of nights to determine how much you will owe at check out.    

Single golfer rooms: $340 per night.  Another $25 for a spouse/guest.   

If you need a” Non-Golf Package room” on the leading or trailing end of your stay, they run $250 per room night.  

Please frequently review your information using the “Who’s In” website link, especially arrival/departure dates.  Just review everything…often and relay any updates.   If your plan/information is the same as last year, just let me know and then review it on the website.  Please copy your roommate on any emails to me so that they may confirm/agree with your assessment.  

Stadium course surcharge will be $50.   Please note that “replay” rounds are exempt from this surcharge so you will only pay the surcharge IF you play your first round of the day on Stadium.   

Nightly room rates are up a bit again this year.  This is an annual bump due to our May dates.  I do recognize that the expense for En Fuego has risen over the years and I really do stretch your dollars as far as I am able.  Put one more dollar into your En Fuego jar each day this month and you’ll have covered this year’s increase.    

Three nights at the resort plus dues in a single golfer room runs about $1,100.  Spreading this over 365 days is just over $3.00 per day.  Think of all the toss away things that you spend $3.00 on each day that would be better spent by putting it into your En Fuego jar. If you haven’t already been saving for En Fuego then as of 28-Jan-20 your daily contribution to your En Fuego jar is $10.30.    If you share a room with another golfer then your fixed costs are even more reasonable. 

May dates “should” equal lower temperatures than June and favorable course conditions.   TPC Stadium and Nicklaus Tournament now host the PGA Tour each January. While watching, you will now be able to say to yourself….“I’ve had that shot”.   

I rest my case.

I will take the following information from you now:  

Coming? Yes or No … Please don’t string this along.   

Room type?  King or 2 Queens, non smoking is assumed.  

Arrival date?  Wed, May13 or Thurs, May 14 or Fri, May 15 (You must be in the hotel on Thursday night to beat the heat on Friday A.M.  Our shot gun start on Friday will be at 7:30 AM on the Norman Course at PGA West.   Thursday night rooms are limited this year so first come first served.   

Departure date? Sun, May 17 or Mon, May 18 (no golf package on Sunday night is the default).  

Roommate name? (last, first) and email address. Always use full name references for clarity.  

Handicap w/ Association # or average 18 hole score on a difficult course?  

If you say “Yes,” you owe your dues now.  PayPal is my method of payment for dues.  The link on the website explains how you can do this AND actually get the full $80 delivered to me. The screen shots there might be older but the concept is clear. Use the “Send Money to friends and family” option to avoid fees.   You’ll use your Credit Card at check in for room and golf package.  

Don’t be shy.  If this doesn’t sound familiar, ask me or a friend.