Countdown to En Fuego:

As of March 21, 2020, En Fuego 2020 has been cancelled.

Why did I cancel En Fuego 2020?

I was finally able to reach the hotel management team and was informed that we are released from the 2020 contracted room and revenue commitment.

What I need you to know and believe.

1) I love En Fuego and this decision was not made easily.

2) En Fuego is about golf but it is also about reunion and friendship. We dine together and share a very common area at the suite.
I’ve concluded that this is not possible this year and without it the weekend could not hold up to my expectations.

3) We all need clarity right now. Our world is changing every day so canceling sooner is better than later. Hopefully, this will help anyone that has already booked air travel. I feel badly about any loses you may have incurred.

4) IF the hotel is open for our 2020 dates, you may still book a room on your own and probably catch a golf package rate that is lower than our contracted rate. They’ll certainly need some business.

5) I will refund your dues via PayPal.

What I know.

I cancelled En Fuego 2020 for me. I cannot reconcile how I would feel if someone attended and became infected and worse went on to infect others.

En Fuego continues.

2021 dates are Friday, June 11, 2021 to Sunday, June 13, 2021.

We are back in June because the May calendar conspired against us.

Stage Coach, Mother’s Day and several very large conventions took the hotel dates in May.

The room rates will be lower, too.

June may also be true in 2022 but I have not signed the 2022 contract.

Call my cell phone if you’d like to talk.

Stay Fuego and Carry On

Wash your hands. It never hurts to Hydrate.