The “me” here is “you”, not me.

This year, we will attempt to construct the Family Tree of En Fuego.

“Who is the person that is responsible for your participation at En Fuego?” Please don’t take the easy way out and say me because for many of you there is someone else between you and me. Ask them the same question. Your lineage may not be what you think it to be.

Make this fun and hopefully you will share any interesting anecdotes about your En Fuego journey.

There will be a large sheet of paper on the wall in the suite where we will attempt to use post-it notes to layout the “tree”.

You will place your post-it below the person that is responsible for your participation. This person does not need to be in attendance this year.

Reach out to me or to others IF you cannot remember someone OR are curious about something.

Other questions for you to answer and potentially include on your post-it:

First year of attendance?

Number of years of attendance? Please bring a golf tee from as many years as possible. I may ask to keep one.

How do you know the person that is responsible for your attendance? Coworker? Relative? Friend?

What is your favorite color? OK, you don’t have to answer this one but it does bring an element of Python into the mix.

Giddy Up!