Tips for surviving En Fuego!

1. Hydration. Start drinking water before you arrive and continue drinking water until the Tuesday following the tournament. If you wait until you are thirsty, you have waited much too long.

2. Friday afternoon is the most difficult round vs. the heat. Try to arrive as early as possible to try and acclimate yourself….Ha!

3. Don’t let a Friday burn and/or blister ruin your weekend. Bring a hat that provides some shade; SPF #35 sunscreen; white medical adhesive tape for your hands.

4. Reapply sunscreen during your round, especially on Friday.

5. Hydration

6. Watch out for your playing partners. Remind them to drink water and use sunscreen. I know we are not “their mother”, but “do unto others…”

7. Ask the Front Desk for a late check out on Sunday. They usually won’t commit to this until Saturday evening. This is an “As Available” privilege, so if they won’t grant it, you will need to check out before you golf on Sunday. If you have other guests that are not golfing, they can stay until check out and then stay in our group suite.

8. Bring a travel/folding chair, seating is always at a premium at the suite. This has been less of a problem in recent years so make a hassle free choice but please do not complain if you end up without a seat.  You should be fine.